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BETTRAi Health Partners with Vayyar for a Unique Fall Detection Solution

March 25, 2020 | Fort Worth, Texas


BETTRAi is proud to announce our partnership with Vayyar Technology for the most advanced Fall Detection solution on the market.

To address the growing need for telehealth and remote patient monitoring, BETTRAi is proud to announce the acquisition of Lifestat Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions.

“BETTRAi’s partnership with Vayyar brings the strength of two world-class technology companies together to provide the most advanced patient fall detection solution on the market today.   Vayyar devices equipped with ultra-wide band radar require no wearables, batteries, call buttons, or cameras.  They simply plug into a wall outlet and, with minimal setup, begin passively monitoring an area.    Using radar rather and advanced algorithms, we can detect presence and position of everyone in the area without compromising patient privacy.  These devices feed directly into the BETTRAi real-time monitoring system which notifies family, friends, or professional care providers when a fall is detected.  We are excited to include Vayyar and this unique technology as part of the BETTRAi solution portfolio.”, said Scott Birdwell, BETTRAi CEO.  

Our goal at BETTRAi is to help simplify the complexities associated with the current healthcare system, improve the overall patient experience, and increase the effectiveness healthcare providers.

General customer availability for BETTRAi Fall Detection Solution is scheduled for September 1, 2020.

For more information visit:  www.BETTRAi.com

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